To say Dr. Sharon Berkowitz is a miracle worker may sound a bit stretched, but for me she is. I’ve had vertigo issues before, but it got so bad I couldn’t cross the room without holding onto the walls. I went to Dr’s and they gave me medicine. It helped but I still had issues off and on. In March it came back and became totally debilitating.

Long story short, I went into Dr. Berkowitz and after 2 visits with adjustments, I am now free of the vertigo. This is hard for me to understand but I can only say her technique is amazing!

/  GAIL k. /



I have been a client of Dr. Sharon Berkowitz and an advocate of DNFT approach to chiropractic for over 20 years. At first, Sharon helped me become mobile from debilitating sciatic pain (it had me literally bedridden for a week when acted up.) She kept me out of hospitals and off of major pain medications, and helped me in overall maintenance of my body and mind.

Whether general maintenance or injury, Sharon and DNFT really works, and works quickly and well. I actually feel more blood flow to my body and brain after a session with her and that makes every day stress easier to handle. Her practice compliments your other Dr.’s as she will let you know if something is beyond her scope, and she does not over treat so is also good for your pocket as well. Very very important for me is that the chiropractic works and also is that I totally trust her.

/  hELEN s. /



I have seen Dr. Berkowitz help many people work through complex and debilitating body issues. She is top notch at what she does. Her non-cracking approach is both non-threatening and effective. Her manner is competent and warm. Her work takes pressure off the nerves and out of the joints and restores the natural alignment.

I am a body therapist. For many years I have recommended Sharon to clients who would benefit from chiropractic care.

/  pamela w.  /


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